"Grire Grower." - Gralleo

Gralleo was a Malleo clone who accidently summoned a Fire Flower and got Fire Flower Radiation and turned into Gralleo. Gralleo is one of Greegee's 6 brothers. He was killed on Mars by a Mysterious Fakealleo.

When he was transformed with FFR, he stayed under it watching Greegee fight. So even though he is evil, he didn't fight in the war. Instead he paid Samaweegee money so he did not have to fight in the war (which is how he got so rich).

He also has a memorial on Mercury. Gralleo doesn't actually fight that much. Gralleo didn't do much in his childhood, but he mainly just cried. But however, he did found the Acrobatics For Life campaign. Gralleo evolved into Toon Gralleo after he fought Malleo 9 times. Gralleo was later killed on Mars, but then he was revived into Gralleo II by Un Ded.

Toon Gralleo 2.0

Toon Gralleo V2

Toon Gralleo Quenteegee style

Toon Gralleo