Goombeegee was an ordinary goomba until he got the Weegee virus. His brother is Goomballeo, a red goomba who is always very helpful. Goombeegee likes to play chess with Goomballeo and likes to go fishing with him.

The Goombeegee War

The Goombeegee War was created when one day Goombeegee saw Walleo and Waweegee chasing two other goombas. Goombeegee told Goomballeo to come see. The two other goombas came to a wall and have no escape from Walleo and Waweegee, so they became Walloomba and Waweemba. Goombeegee and Goomballeo angrily stared at Walloomba and Waweemba, that they started their own war, the Goombeegee War. Goombeegee decided that he and Goomballeo should fight against Walloomba and Waweemba as a team. Some other goombas were interested that they decided to join the war too. A few years later Goombeegee's team won and Walloomba's team had to be squashed.[[File:Goombeegee.jpg|thumb|Goombeegeev2| Trivia: he is the only one of the 4 weegee goombas him his bro and there opisitos to not be the color of the guy it was based off of

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