NOTE: This form is impossible to obtain due to Weegee's power being drained
God Weegee

God Weegee is the strongest form of Weegee (in NBFDI, that title goes to Dark Angel Weegee). Weegee learned this form when trying stopping Lord Deegee from destroying anymore places in the Multiverse. After being beaten many times he transformed into Toon Dark Weegee but he did little damage to Lord Deegee. Malleo tried to help but he almost died in the battle. When Weegee saw Lord Deegee almost destroying his brother, he unlocked a secret power. Lord Deegee tried killing Malleo but Weegee protected him with a shield. Weegee fought him for 5 hours before he teleported away from the battle. Another way for Weegee to become God Weegee is for Pureegee, Malleo, and Fortran to zap Weegee with an energy ray. God Weegee is so strong that he can destroy more than 1000 Pureegee clones at once.


  • Near Invincibility: He can not die by normal means
  • Immortality: Weegee can not die of old age
  • Fire Flower Blast: This blast will shoot a huge fire ball at the target
  • Ice Ball: This ball can freeze a Fakegee in one hit
  • Tanooki Hit: This will make Weegee into Tanooki Weegee and hit you with his Tanooki tail
  • Glass Beam: This will blast a ray and turn a Fakegee into Glass
  • Giga Teleportation: This will allow Weegee to do Rapid Teleportation faster than a second
  • X-Ray Vision: Weegee could see through walls and other objects but not through peoples clothes (to his displeasure)
  • The Weegee Virus: This will turn the target into a Weegee clone
  • Eletric Punch: He can eletrocute almost anybody to death with one punch
  • Giga Weegee Blast: This ability could vaporize and kill more than 100 Fakegees and could kill a Weegee God but it would drain most of his power and might lose his form if he does this ability twice without giving it a break.

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