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George W. Weegee

George W. Weegee passport photo

Early life

George W. Weegee always belived in a democracy in the United 'Gees Galaxy. When Weegee heard that, he banished him to Fakegee Prison. He later escaped and went to Earth to become President.

Serving as President (of the U.S.)

George W. Weegee changed his name to George W. Bush. He then took on a human appearance and pretended to be George H. Bush's son. He joined the Republicans and ran for president. He beat his opponent Albert Gore by a close vote. He was elected in 2001. He was president for two terms. He then left his role of president Barack Obama became president.

Democracy in the UGU

After Weegee banished George W. Weegee, he considered his idea. He made a law that stated the UGU will have a president that doesn't have as much power as Weegee, but more power than everyone else. The president would take care of minor, foreign problems and if they got bigger, Weegee would step in. Weegee held a democratic election in 2008. They would either choose George W. Weegee to get unbanished and become president or have respected politic Barack O'Weegee as president. The people voted for Barack O'Weegee so he became the first president of the United 'Gees Galaxy.

Later Years

After retiring, George W. Bush remained in the U.S. However, he then made a clone of himself and left the clone in his place. George W. Bush then returned to the United 'Gees Galaxy. It is unknown what happened to him next.

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