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Gentle Sqeegee V1.

"Ahem, Weegeemen."

-Gentleman Sqeegee


Gentle Sqeegee V2 Credit to Russmars2 for creating it.


Gentleman Sqeegee is actually not a Sqeegee clone.

He is from the Gentleman universe and he speaks in an overdone British accent.

That is, because in Gentleman Sqeegee's universe, a change in time happens and the British win every war in history ever and eventually take over  the world. Their queen (the queen of Ultimate Britain) is the queen of Earth and she sent this Sqeegee in  this universe, but for what reason is never told. Not even by Gentleman Sqeegee himself (obviously).

It is currently unknown, but there is a possibility, that he has a brother, called "Gentleman Sqalleo ".

Although higly unlikely, sightings of Gentleman Sqalleo are rare and it is not known how many of them are true or false. No photographical evidence has been discovered, or made as most people, who had seen him claim that "he was moving too fast to be shot by any camera". One Fakegee tried using a high-speed camera, however all that he could show is a blurry image with what seems  to be a tophat or fedora.


The powers he was seen using are:

  • Tea blast (gentleman Sqeegee shoots large amounts of tea from his hands)
  • Monocle laser (self-explanatory)
  • Cutting hat (His hat has sharp edges, so that it can cut his victim's head when thrown at)
  • Gentle stare (When stared at, his victim becomes a top hat. A very classy top hat.)
  • Cane whack (He repeatedly hits his victims with his walking cane, until said victim faints or dies. In both cases it is painful.)
  • Flying (but of course.)
  • It is possible he has other powers up his sleeve, however nobody has seen (or survived) them to talk about them.

Current state of living:

Gentleman Sqeegee is rarely seen by anybody and occasionally images of him appear on the internet, but most images are disregarded as fake.

After entering this world, thinking that Fakegees look like bad recolors, he changed himself as one and made the excuse of his apparel being his "V1".

However, after discovering the quality improvement of this universe,  he changed to normal and pretended that his normal form is his "V2".

As said before, nobody knows his intents regarding his arrival here, however a lot of theories have sprung up about him, ranging from him just being here because he got bored of planet Britain, to him scounting this world, to report if this world can be invaded by his world.

A certain Foundation has attempted to secure and contain Gentleman Sqeegee, albeit never actually succeeding.