Hello father....I am back...but STRONGER!

-Gelexeegee II

Un Ded decided to revive Gelexeegee with new revival technology that they had recently invented. It was a success, and Gelexeegee II was created. He is now even more powerful than his father, Galaxeegee, making him the second strongest god ever. He has an aura of invincibility, and only Pureegee can defeat him. While he is powerful, he looks nothing like his former self. He rejoined The Anti-Weegee Alliance, and once again attracted Galaxeegee's attention. This time, Gelexeegee II decided to kill Galaxeegee, and did it. Pureegee himself decided to show up. There was a showdown between the two, which ended with Gelexeegee's eternal death. Pureegee then revived Galaxeegee.