Gelexeegee, Galaxeegee's son.

Gelexeegee is the son of Galaxeegee and is weaker than him. Gelexeegee only has the power to make new planets. He is though, still stronger than Weegee. (Gelexeegee is approximately 586.485 times stronger than him). He has a firey aura that reflects the core of planets. He turned evil at some point and joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance, making him a huge threat to the United 'Gees Galaxy. Galaxeegee heard this and was forced to kill his son. He was later re
Gelexeegee II

Gelexeegee's second form.

vived into Gelexeegee II.
Toon Gelexeegee v2

Toon Gelexeegee

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