how he died.

Geenoh is a Weegee version of Geno, He born when Geno was walking from a forest and he saw Weegee, he thought that Weegee was Luigi, but after Weegee stared at Geno, Geenoh was born.

His first appearence the vid is normal00:22

His first appearence the vid is normal



He likes to kill people, but he doesn't kill Weegee. He's friends with Ulona. Meilow is his sidekick and he has many powers, but the most Effective  power is Geenoh whirllh. Geenoh died in 1996 , we wont miss him.
Geno and geenoh by naramiiverse-d7a9p74

a art of geno and geenoh

Geenoh sprite style

His 3.0

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