A GeeDollar.

Gee"Dollars" (₩ or GD) or Gees are the main currency in the United 'Gees Galaxy. They were invented by Moneygee and are printed by the United 'Gees Reserve. 1 GeeDollar = 100 USD. Richgee, Moneygee, and Samaweegee are the 3 richest billionaires in the United 'Gees Galaxy. There are other amounts of this currency are listed below.

Forts (F)

Five Forts

5 Forts

They are sometimes called GeeCoins and are fractions of a GeeDollar. 100 forts = 1 gee. They were invented by Fortran.

100 Moar

100 Moar

Moar (M)

This is the amount of money used in most large purchases. 100 gees = 1 moar. Moar bills were invented by Moar Krabs.

Grand (王)

100 Grand

100 Grand

This is the amount of money owned by most weegees' bank accounts. 7'000 gees = 1 grand. Grand bills were named after Grand Dad, who was tragically murdered by an unknown party of a renounced leader, a teenaged leader, a random leader, and a Leaxian.

Rich (R)

100 Rich

100 Rich

This is the amount of money used by some rich Weegees. 1'000'000 gees = 1 rich. Rich bills were invented by Fortran. This is the maximum amount of money offered by "push start to rich" gambling machines where a weegee has a 1 in 10'000'000'000.1 chance of winning 1 rich.

Trump (₮)

1'000'000 Trump copy

A Trump bill.

This is the amount of money owned by very rich weegees. 1'000'000'000 gees = 1 trump. Trump bills were invented by Donald Trump.

Yuge (¥)

100 Yuge

100 Yuge

The only people in the entire Trolliverse who ever had these gold bills are, Richgee, Moneygee, Samaweegee, Moar Krabs, Fortran and Weegee. 154'022'343 Yuge is in galactic weegee bank. 1'000'000'000'000 gees = 1 yuge. Yuge bills were invented by Fortrump.