Gangsteegee was a gangster Fakegee and leader of the Great Gangstas, a gangster Fakegee group. Despite people thinking he is brothers with Gangstalleo, he is truly brothers with Arteegee and is also the uncle of 1337gee. Gangstalleo, however is his best friend and is a member of the Great Ganstas.

His family's "artistic gene" is shown in his amazing graffiti. Even though graffiti is outlawed in the United 'Gees Galaxy, the Great Gangsta's have never been caught.

He started becoming a gangster when he was a Weegee clone. First, he was inspired by Graffitigee to be a graffiti artist and then he got obsessed with rapping. Then, he got ganster clothes and a "G" hat. He didn't turn the hat backwards until he saw his brother's beret, which he thought looked like a backwards Weegee hat bleached white.

He was later killed by Woogee, as Gangsteegee graffitied the alley that he lived in. He was revived as Gansteegee II and kiled Woogee as revenge. He thinks he's edgy but he's not at all. Gangsteegee also had an illness which caused his gangster to begin. Deep inside of him, he was actually a nice and helpful person. His grave lies in the Great Gangstas' Headquarters. His grave is later vandalized by Mafia members, A weegified Al Capone, and Finnittanian Cartel members.