Gangnamgee has Gangnam written in Korean all over his clothes.

Gangnamgee (강남천 달러) is a Fakegee that is totally obsessed with the song "Gangnam Style". He was so obsessed, he dressed up and now all he ever says is "OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!!!!" For some reason, he is enemies with Ruijee. Gangnamgee is from the universe Koreegee, where he is very popular. However, in other universes, people find him annoying. He likes to walk around its planets singing "Gangnam Style" cause he loves it so much. He has annoyed the poop out of Poopeegee and the pee out of Peegee. He has annoyed people so much that he has been arested several times by Officer Malleo. But he annoys the guards and they always let him free. His love of gangnam style is so big, he goes Shoop da' Woop if anyone makes fun of it. He appears at the music video called Oppa Weegnam Style. If he ever hears salsa music, he will blow up, but will survive.