Gamegee. On his hat it's writen: <3 Games. He has a long beard, 'cause he never shaves.

Gamegee is a Fakegee which loves games a lot. His look is odd, because Gamegee wanted to cosplay all the characters in every game he played. He has red eyes, because of playing too much games. He is the main founder of the "Gee Cube".


Not very much is known about Gamegee's life. From the age of 2 till 50 years he played games in his room, first, for joy, and then, for money. In just 2 years, he became very rich.

Founding the "Gee Cube"

One day, Gamegee started to play Minecregee. He began that addicted to it, he wanted to create a whole new Universe as home of the game's creatures. He started to convince Dr. Scientisteegee to create the "Gee Cube", but he said that that was stupid and useless. Then, he pay'd all his money to Moneygee to convince Scientisteegee to ceate the "Gee Cube". Moneygee accepted, but he wasn't good at convincing at all, so he payed Scientisteegee alot, and then he accepted. Gamegee is the ruler of the "Gee Cube".

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