"Eeew Galaxian, gross kill it!"


Galaxeegee is a powerful God that controls space. He lives on the right sun in the United 'Gees Galaxy, while his "brother" Chroneegee lives in the left one. His other brother Aagee however, lives in the Aagee Galaxies. Galaxeegee, Chroneegee, and Aagee were created by Pureegee, the ultimate Weegee. Galaxeegee and Chroneegee are officially tied for the second most powerful Weegee.

Despite controlling space, Galaxeegee did not create the United 'Gees Galaxy or the Trolliverse, he just maintains them. Galaxeegee did however, advance the United 'Gees Galaxy. He loves to say "Eew Galaxian, gross kill it!" and he will do it all the time. He soon created his "sons" Spacealleo and Gelexeegee.

Recently, his son Gelexeegee betrayed him so he was forced to kill him which resulted in him soon becoming a little cocky and sadistic. He was killed by his revived son but was revived by Pureegee. Galaxeegee still has the sadistic personality because of his son's eternal death.


  1. Laser Vision
  2. Galaxy Creation
  3. Teleportation
  4. Spawning anything found in space. (Black hole, pulsar etc.)
  5. Matter control: Galaxeegee can use matter anywhere as projectiles and weapons.
  6. Meteors strike: Galaxeegee can spawn meteors and make them rain down on his enemies.
  7. Cosmic Punch: Galaxeegee can use all his energy to form a ultimate punch which will kill anything except other gods and the Precursors.