Fuseegee is a Fakegee formed by an accidental experiment that fused eight Fakegees together. Fuseegee was ridiculed and alone. Every Fakegee was not as unique, not even Fakegee. So Fuseegee got angry. He obtained fusing powers and went and fused other groups of random Fakegees together until he had a whole group of fusion Weegees. Now he was not alone. He started a group that was called the "Faker Fake Weegees". Everybody thought this would become a second Fakegee Civil War. Instead, Weegee didn't care about the Faker Fake Weegees and let them be.


Fuseegee is still there, and now owns a fusion booth, where for 9,000GD he will fuse you with any other Fakegees of your choice. Rumors have spread about a Pureegee, Chroneegee, and Galaxeegee fusion into Puronaxeegee.

He joined T.A.O.M.W and brought his fusion booth with is useful to make those that are weak stronger. He seems to be pretty grumpy there though.