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One Weegee clone decided to move to France one day. When he got there he bought some french clothes and a beret. His favortie foods are french fries and french toast and his favorite ice cream flavor is french vanilla. He is quite known around France and lives in downtown Paris. He went to the United 'Gees Galaxy for his vacation. When he was at the beach, he had a wife (once it was a friend) named Frenchaizeh, who is always beautiful by always using a Nivea new shampoo called Express Hidration. Frenchaizeh asked him out on a date in a romantic restauraunt in Frence (Frencheegee said yes). He was talking french and says french things. He said "Salut, mon nom est Frencheegee, et je suis en vacances a l'Univers des Weegees-Unis, et j'ahabite en Frence a Paris. Je suis content de mes vacances.". When Weegee heard that, he banished him to Fakegee Prison. He escaped and went to his date with Frenchaizeh. He has a brother named Frenchalleo.

Later on, he and Frenchaizeh got married and were having there first kiss and then Frenchaizeh gave brith to Franchamaweegee.

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