A typical Fremmlin

Fremmlins were the dominant species of the United 'Gees Galaxy for about three centuries, ruling from their homeworld Fremm. The Fremmlin Dress Code Law, passed a few months after Fortran took over, made all of the male Fremmlins dress similar to Fortran. Females were supposed to dress like Ulona, but that stipulation was repealed after she disappeared. The Fremmlins nearly went extinct after Weegee, while he was a teenager, accidentally turned most of the Fremmlin population into disfigured teenage Weegee Clones. This also destroyed the species homeworld, resulting in a refugee crisis.


  • Fremmlins begin to grow moustaches at only 5 years old. (This was due to a genetic mutation)
  • Every Fremmlin has blue eyes.
  • Fremmlins were the enemies of the Fremmoids.