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Fortran Painting

The first known version of the 1877 Fortran Portriat, later revealed to have been edited to remove the unknown Weegee clone in the background (later revealed to have been edited to remove the unknown Weegee clone in the background)

The Fortran Portrait of 1877 was a portrait of Fortran done in 1877, which was a few years after his reign was established. The portrait was done by artist Clyde L. Relon, who actually asked Fortran to pose in the Great Rinllan Forest, where he captured the whole scene, including a suspicious Fakegee with yellow eyes he claimed to have seen behind a tree. Relon disappeared suspiciously the following week. Around that time, a peculiar Fakegee donated the painting to the Great United 'Gees Museum, although this was a fake copy edited to remove the Weegee clone in the background. Recently, the original has been found, which has been held tightly by a skeleton holding a note: HE WANTS THE SEAL. It's UnVersion is the UnFortran tiartroP of 198BLAHHHHHHHH

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