Fire Sqeegee

Fire Sqeegee

Fire Sqeegee is the new transformation of Sqeegee , he now has the power of fire. Sqeegee absorbed a fire flower and turned into Fire Sqeegee. He went Bikini Bottom and saw a fire flower on the ground. He picked it up and gained its powers. After that he went to the Krusty Krab and saw Suteegee there. Suteegee attacked first hoping to get rid of Sqeegee once and for all but his attacks leaved Fire Sqeegee unscathed. Not much else is known about him right now, but he is very powerful, possibly more powerful than Super Sqeegee and almost as powerful as Dark Sqeegee , making him one of the single most powerful forms of Sqeegee (not including Ultimate Sqeegee). He also has another new form and it is metal Sqeegee. In this form he looks has exacly like super Sqeegee except he's all metal. If he fuses ALL his forms he becomes, more powerful then Ultimate Sqeegee, hyper Sqeegee. and sometimes he's with Ice Sqeegee to kill his enemies...

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