Fire Malleo 2.0

Fire Malleo

Fire Malleo is a form of Malleo created when he activated a Fire Flower and gained its abilities. He is actually the very first Fire form. Malleo's accidental discovery soon led to other Fakegees trying to activate Fire Flowers and unlock new forms. Fire Malleo's brother is Fire Weegee.


When Malleo activates this form, his hat and overall clothing change from red to white. His overalls also change color, going from blue to red.


Fire Malleo undergoes a startling increase in power compared to base form Malleo. His speed increases drastically, to the point where he can travel thousands of times beyond the speed of light without even breaking a sweat. His strength and durability also massively increase in power. Fire Malleo gains the powers of Fire Flowers, which means that he can hurl gigantic red fireballs from his hands. (Fire Weegee's fireballs are green.) He can also shoot fiery lasers from his eyes and shoot massive fiery beams from his hands. He can even create multiple fireballs, then hurl them all at once at the opponent. Sadly, nowadays Fire Flowers are very scarce, so it can be difficult to find them to unlock the transformation.

Ultimate Fire Malleo

Ultimate Fire Malleo

Ultimate Fire Malleo

When Malleo combines this form with his Ultimate form, he gets Ultimate Fire Malleo. This form is many times stronger than both the Fire form and the Ultimate form, making this one of the strongest forms in existence. Nothing can hurt Ultimate Fire Malleo except for a similar Ultimate Fire form like Ultimate Fire Weegee.