Fire Flower Malleo

The original Fire Flowers (United 'Gees Galaxy)

Fire Flower Mario

Fire Flowers when grown in the Mario Universe

Mario just got FIRE FLOWER D by Donutman08

Malleo using Fire Flowers at it's full potential.

Fire Flowers are special flowers that can turn Malleo into Fire Malleo. Malleo can turn almost any being into a Fire Flower. Fire Flowers can be used by most Malleo clones, though some, such as Kadralleo, have their own flowers (Kadralleo's is the Laser Flower). When Malleo uses a Fire Flower, the Fire Flower is destroyed, so if it was originally a person, they would die. Approximately 1,000,000,000,764,456 Fire Flowers are scattered around the United 'Gees Galaxy, and 765,984,004,333 were once Fakegees. Fire Flowers were originally grown in the Overworld, though one day Astroeegee found them and tried to get their power by bringing some here and planted Fire Flowers there, which eventually mutated and got faces, and are used by Mario and Luigi.