Final Sqeegee was the one of Sqeegee's best forms. He is not an official Sqeegee form as he can only be formed if Sqeegee, Super Sqeegee, and Dark Sqeegee, who are the same being, seperate into three individual beings, and then fuse. His resemblance to Sqeegee is well, he is Sqeegee. His resemblance to Super Sqeegee is the shape and the hat. His resemblance to Dark Sqeegee is the color scheme. Unlike Super and Dark Sqeegee, Final Sqeegee will not revert to Sqeegee if damaged badly. One, because he is invincible, and two, if somehow he would get damaged enough, he would revert back into Squidward, not Sqeegee. His powers included enhanced versions of Sqeegee's (a.k.a Super Sqeegee powers) and dark powers (Dark Sqeegee's powers).

NOTE: When Sqeegee, Super Sqeegee, and Dark Sqeegee are about to merge, their appearences slightly change. This is so they can become Final Sqeegee. If they didn't do this, they would become whole regular Sqeegee.