Fatgee, holding an obligatory "Rag' on a Stick".

Fatgee is a morbidly-obese clone of Weegee who tends to have a a serious appetite problem. Simply put, he prefers to eat a large amount of fatty foods, and almost never does any excersize. Naturally, this caused him to gain a lot of weight, up until the point where he could hardly even walk without any support.

Fatgee was at one point embarassed by his weight, but due to his lack of discipline, he simply began to choose to accept it. Eventually his weight go to the point where his bones collapsed in on themselves, and he had to get much stronger prosthetics instead.

With these new prosthetics, he decided to join Weegee's Army as an average footsoldier. While he was given some crap due to his weight at first, he proved to be a competent soldier in battle, and was even became a colonel of the Greater Luigitanian Army.

Fatgee would later be assassinated by Killortran. He was cremated at the Geealleo Cemetary, although it is suspected that much of his fat and muscle may have been used by Cannibeegee to created Soylent Weegee. Devingee is currently in the process of cloning him, although the Fatgee clone is still just an infant.