Fakegees are mostly imperfect clones of Weegee. They have different colors and sometimes different abilities than Malleo or Weegee. Many Fakegees are a result of the Weegee Virus going wrong. Examples are:

The Fakegees temporarily split during the Fakegee War, the Malleo Fakegees seceded and formed a group known as the Fakealleos. The main purpose of Fakegees is to supply Malleo and Weegee's armies. Also, many Fakegees are designed by another Fakegee known as 1337gee.

Some other Fakegees

Some Fakegees are former weegee clones that had their DNA altered. Examples are:

Some Fakegees are intentionally made Fakegees from the start. Examples are:

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Translation
Afrikaans Vereegees "Altered Weegees"
Albanian Ndreegees "Altered Weegees"

փոխել Լուիջի


"Changed Luigis"
Azerbaijani Əsasseegees "Hoax Weegees"
Basque BerriGees "New Weegees"



"Fake Weegees"
Filipino Wihis Palsos "Fake Weegees"
French Weegees Faux "False Weegees"
Italian Weegee Falsi "Fake Weegees"
Portuguese Luigis Anormais "Abnormal Luigis"
Spanish Weegees falsos "Fake Weegees"
Japanese Feiku Weegee "Fake Weegees"
Arabic اشباه ويجي "Weegee Parallels"
Australian Non Fair Dinkum Weegee "Untrue Weegee"
Nakalī નકલી Fake

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