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Golden Weegee

Golden Weegee

100px-MarioKartWii GoldenMushroom

The Legendary Golden Mushroom

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The explosion of the ship

The time came for The Anti-Weegee Alliance to launch the attack. They had gathered enough followers, and so, they set off for the United 'Gees Galaxy (Or the "Fakegee Universe" for short). As Weegee, Malleo, and Greegee discovered this, and as well as that Sqeegee and Samaweegee, Weegee's own son, had betrayed them, they took action. Malleo and Greegee readied all who were willing to participate. Weegee, in his mansion, opened a secret door to a temple-like hall in which lay the almighty Golden Mushroom, capable of increasing one's power a thousandfold. He tucked it in his overalls and set out into space for the battle. The first wave of the soldiers rushed toward the The Anti-Weegee Alliance mother ship. The ship set up its force field, and it fired bombs and poison mushrooms at them. Many died instantly. This battle kept going, until Weegee took out his Golden Mushroom. He told Malleo to hold onto it with him, and thus, both transformed into Golden Malleo and Golden Weegee. With this newfound power, they, along with Greegee and the remaining Pro-Weegee soldiers, blew up the ship. however, unbeknownst to them, the two leaders, along with Samaweegee, Toon Yelleow, and Weewee, escaped at the last second in their escape pods. Weegee and Malleo raised their hands, and the golden power seeped out of them, creating the Golden Mushroom once more. Everyone gathered at Parteegee's house and partied for a week. (except for Parteegee, who kept on partying) At the ceremony, Weegee and Malleo raised their hands up and held the Golden Mushroom up like a trophy. This signified the victory of their universe. Meanwhile, the remaining The Anti-Weegee Alliance members plotted their next attack.......