Bikini bottom vs ugu

For other uses, see Fakegee War (Disambiguation).

The Fakegee Sea Creature War was between Bikini Bottom and United 'Gees Galaxy. The war took place on Bikini Bottom soil. The town, however, was hopeless and lost terribly. Everyone living in Bikini Bottom was turned into fakegees (except Plankton, who was too small to be found). Afterwards, the city was bombed. Plankton then moved to a region in the Trolliverse. This war started when Spongebob and Patrick snuck into Weegee's restauraunt and got popular pictures of the food 'Krabby Patties', so the next day they decleared war of the town. They wanted them to export and get lots of money and possibly become a economic superpower. However, because of the cost to export massive amounts of Krabby Patties across incredibly far distances and the cost to keep an intergalactic portal (The United 'Gees Galaxy and Bikini Bottom, which is on Earth, which is in the Milky Way) open long enough to transport the patties through were too high. Bikini Bottom refused to export Krabby Patties to the United 'Gees Galaxy. This caused Weegee to send in troops of Fakegees into Bikini Bottom and rob all the patties and force Spongebob (Now Spongee) to make Krabby Patties for the United 'Gees Galaxy to sell to other galaxies. So far, The UGG's idea is working.


  • After selling it to other galaxies, Spongebob was killed by Weegee.
  • Spongebob was later revived and wanted to be in Malleo is Missing, but the designers won't let him be in.