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A long time ago, Fakegee and Kezaneegee attempted to start a group known as the "Fake Weegees". They created the group's members, such as Leegee. After Fakegee protested his mistreatment, the Fakegee Civil War started. Many Weegees on both sides died, with only a few of the Fake Weegees surviving. However, the Fake Weegees somehow managed to win. The two sides agreed that they were both allowed to make clones, and a new group was started called the Fakegee Union. Fakegee became their leader. But only five years after the war ended, Fakegee was assassinated by a pro-Weegee name John Weegee Booth. The Fakegee Union started fighting again, and they Union ripe for another war.......

Fake Weegees

Weegee Clones

NOTE: Some Weegee Clones at this time are Fakegees nowadays such as Beegee, Reegee, and Zeegee.