After the Fakealleos disbanded after the events of the Fakegee War, Fakealleo, the brother of the late Fakegee and the survivor of several wars, decided to recreate the Fakealleos. He gathered several Malleo clones and they started the Neo-alleos, a group who still believes in the legacy of the Fakealleos. Xalleo, the starter of the first Fakealleos, did not agree with this as he said "The Fakegee Union have forgiven us Malleos once, they won't do it again." Ignoring Xalleo, Fakealleo and the Neo-alleos decided to declare war on the Weegees and the Fakegee Union. People thought this might become the Fakegee War III, but the group of Neo-alleos were arrested before any damage could be done. Fakealleo escaped and is now helping the Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝs in the Cyber War. He is a friend of Fakeawheeo, Fakegario, Fakeaagerio, and Fakeawio.

Fakealleo full Painted