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Facegee is a clone of Weegee's face with no body and no head. He is just a face. His brain is in his mustache. He had one ability that he really liked, if he gets on somebodys head, he can control the Fakegee which face he's on. Every

This is Facegee when he wasn't so big.

time he gets on a face, he grows. There was lots of trouble while he was in town, but then he had a plan...  He knew that if he gets on somebodys face, he can control them, and after getting on the face, he grows, so he thought of growing into such size, that he could stick to the "face" of the United 'Gees Galaxy. So he was growing getting on somebodys face, bigger, and bigger, until he actually got so big, that he did stick to the United 'Gees Galaxy. He thought that know he can control the Universe, but no, he got stuck and couldn't make a single move! And so, from that moment, the United 'Gees Galaxy had a face, and nobody was bothering Weegees world. Many Fakegees thought where he went, until one of them went to space, and saw the giant face... Of Weegee...


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