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FD (Full name = FDlleo person, also know as Grand Het) is a Fakealleo is the lost brother of AD which got lost in the forest during war. Then they reunited 7 years later. He is a son of Xansee and Zangolio

FDlleo remake 2

remastered version


FD is a plumber with green jumper, lightblue overalls, brown shoes, white gloves and a red cap. He has a mustache and green eyes.

FDlleo (toon)

Animated version




Malleo (neutral friend)

Weegee (neutral friend)


ADgee75 (brother)


Adventure of the party

FD in adventure of the party


Gaster blasters

Fakealleo attack

Fakealleo jump

Attack of AD Family

Pizza wheel

Price ball

Grand het

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