Emojee's Basic Form

Not to be confused with Emoeegee.

Emojee is a wierd Fakegee that can turn its head into different Japanese emoticons called Emoji. He was created when an Emoji got the Weegee Virus. The form showed to the right is his basic form. Below is a chart showing all of Emojee's Forms.

He is rivals with Ruijee.

Emojee's Forms

Emojee can turn its head into any one of these symbols.

Ruijee fighting emojee

ruijee fighting emojee

His Evil Plot

Emojee decided to make an evil plot. It was people in Japan that created him, so he would destroy the counterpart universes Japangee and Chinagee . (Chinagee because the two universes are allies) He gained lots of power by hunting down lots of energy around the Trolliverse, including Pure Flowah Energy, energy found in the rare mineral Adobe, Pure Troll Energy and more. One day, he came across a Cloning Machine and made 10,000 copies of himeself. It was time for him to start the attack! He and his clones bought huge starships with giant guns and set of for Chinagee and Japangee. When Emojee's evil armada reached the universes, he sent half of the ships to envade Chinagee and the other half to go with him and invade Japangee. As Emojee was reaching Japangee, Ruijee and an army of high tech battle robots attacked the starships. From that moment on, Emojee and Ruijee became rivals. He saw the robots had Chinese writting on them and knew they were from Chinagee. Meanwhile, the group of ships invading Chinagee had been destroyed by an army of 1,000,000 robots. Back near Japangee, Ruijee and the robot army had taken out most of Emojee's starships. Soon, only his was left. Emojee gave up and escaped in an escapepod. At that moment, Emojee promised revenge on Ruijee.

Where is he now?

Rumors and local belief says that Emojee died in a fire somewhere in the Bomb Universe, but conspericy freaks think that he faked his death to fool Ruijee and his other enemies. Recently they uncovered a note to his friend, Jared Smith, saying the folowing.





Awesome Weegee

One of his transformations.

Jared, however, never recieved the note because it was mailed to the wrong adress. It was mailed to one of the conspericy freaks. They think he is alive because his name as well as Japangee and Chinagee were written in English. The conspericy freaks took it to Chinagee to have it translated but the Chinesegees refused, which only made it more suspicious.


  • Head Symbol Change - Emojee changes his head symbol to another Emoji.
  • Complete Symbol Change -  Emojee turns his whole body into an Emoji.
  • Float - Emojee can float above the ground.
  • Emoji Virus - Emojee turns you into any symbol, such as the poop one.
  • Symbol Shield - Emojee can pull any symbol out of nowhere and use it as a shield.
  • Spawn Symbol - Emojee can pull a symbol out of nowhere and use it as a weapon/tool. For example, he can  spawn the bomb symbol and throw it a his target.