Elmeegee with the Weegee virus.

Elmeegee was just regular Elmo before he got the Weegee virus. He was in the middle of another episode of Elmo's World, when it was time to go see Mr. Noodle. But when he opened the curtain to see who was there, instead of Mr. Noodle, it was Weegee. Elmo saw Weegee and instantly got the Weegee virus. He then vowed to give the Weegee virus to all his friends and eventually turn Sesame Street into a place called Weegee Street. Now, Elmeegee sets people on fire when he touches them, because he is red. His cousins are Meegee and El'meegee (not to be confused with Elmeegee). He is often made fun of for being a star on a little kids show.

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