Elementeegee is a Weegee God with powers made out of any element in the universe. Elementeegee always has a aura around him made out of Fire, Water, Earth, and Life. That Black Rectangle around him is a 5th Element called Dark Matter. That means that in combat he can be a huge threat to anyone or anything. He is a Minor Weegee God


  • His Hat is made out of Fire
  • His Hands are made out of Grass
  • His Mustache is made out of Lava
  • His arms are made out of water
  • His Hair is made out of Ice
  • His Shoes are made out of Earth
  • His Chest is made out of Fire
  • His Shirt is made out of Earth
  • The Front of his cap is Water
  • His aura is made out of Dark matter and Dark energy

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