eegeeW is a backwards form of Weegee. Instead of the Weegee Virus, he gives out the "eegeeW Virus", which is actually a cure to the Weegee Virus. Unlike him, his brother oellaM says "rewolF eriF", which turns things that are turned into a Fire Flower back to normal. Because of that, he has attracted controversy to the Weegee Pureegist Religion. Once, he got insulted by a Weegee clone and he started the Bikini Bottom Weegee Liberation. He is currently being targeted by Weegee-Pureegists for assassination because of his ability to cure them with the "EegeeW Virus".


  • The Fakegee clone has yellow eyes.
  • He got a stare to transform the fakeeges clothes backward.
  • If he somehow gets combined with a weegee clone, he will be much like Unspecialygee
  • If a Weegee Clone somehow kills him, that Weegee Clone or anyone else infected with the Weegee Virus would turn into a clone of eegeeW.

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