This is Swaped LriGee known as eeGirL.

It was a normal day and like always, and LriGee was blogging in her blog in her 'geeputer. She went to a chat and started to chat with a fakegee. The fakegee asked if she heard of the legend of Swapin'gee She answerd "no", and the Fakegee said "You can go search for it in the Intergee, if you dare..." LriGee searched for it and found it. She read the legend and saw a link that said "Click here if you dare..." She clicked and then... 

A fakegee is born...

She apeared in a dark room and someone said, "Look behind you" (In a G-major voice). It was her... eeGirL! EeGirL is a swaped version of LriGee.


LriGee got to escape from eeGirL but it was not the end of eeGirL. Eegirl is a new bad Fakegee, maybe she'll join The Anti-Weegee Alliance... Everything might get worse....

War is close...

After some months, EeGirL has found her people. She joined the Alliance...Now a new war will soon be born...The hope is on Alphaweegees Army...

After NourGodly1592 heard about EeGirl, Nour and his army will help Alphaweegees Army kill EeGirl.

Other names

  • ˥ɹᴉƃǝǝ

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