144px-Dr. Scientisteegee

Dr. Scientisteegee

Dr. Scientisteegee, (also known as Steven Scientisteegee, Dr. Weegee, or just Scientisteegee), is a Weegee scientist and member of The Anti-Weegee Alliance. Dr. Scientisteegee's job is to provide The Anti-Weegee Alliance with numerous weapons to help them take over the United 'Gees Galaxy. Many of his inventions have been taken by Weegee, including: the V.G.T.M, some GeeGuns, and the GeeBike. He gave Wee Bee Gee Jee a shelter in his lab for some time as Wee Bee Gee Jee helped Dr. Scientisteegee make several inventions, including the X345 Weapon. Wee Bee Gee Jee later left when he found out that Dr. Scientisteegee was evil. (Portrayed in Wee Bee Gee Jee's Story.)

Dr. Scientisteegee actually used to work for Weegee, but he thought Scientisteegee's inventions were useless and fired him, inducing him to join The Anti-Weegee Alliance, where he is a notable member of. He created the two cousins Maltroegee and Reegee along with their brother in an accident of anger. His other brother was Dr. Weegee who started the company TRWRSS with Carnavana. His brother is Dr. Scientistalleo. His "son" is alphaweegee. They hate each other because alphaweegee is part of League of Weegees but he is The Anti-Weegee Alliance. He tries to destroy Alphaweegee the most from other the League of Weegees. There are rumors that Alphaweegee doesn't really hate him, and he doesn't hate Alphaweegee, they fight very often, but for real they secretly talk, and Alphaweegee sends money to Dr Scientisteegee while he sends gadgets to Alphaweegee. But these are rumors. It still lies as a rumor. He was killed by Alphaweegee. He was revived with a mega mushroom. He once had a wife named Hickleodeon, but they got divorced.

There is a good clone called Scientistgee.

Sky Gee HtraE

In Sky Gee HtraE. He helps Samaweegee, Von Paulgee, Olie Polie and Pollie Polie build planes for the Weegee Killers such as the Killergee-881, Killergee-882, Killergee-883 and Gee X-8379.

Toon Scientisteegee

Toon Scientisteegee.


Weegiscientists are Dr. Scientisteegee's experiment that he never ended up preforming, but was found in a file in his office. It is said that Weegee found it, preformed the experiment, and created Weegiscientists.

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