Dr. Malleo

Dr. Malleo is what Malleo is known as when he is doing his part-time job as a doctor. He invented this thing called Negavitamins. Negavitamins come in 6 different color combinations of red, blue, or yellow (Red+ Red, Blue + Blue, Yellow + Yellow, Red + Blue, Yellow + Blue, Red + Yellow). Dr. Malleo uses the Negavitamins to create Viruses in the game Dr. Malleo. In Japanese, Negavitamins are simply called ドゥームのカプセル (Doumu no Kapuseru);

Capsules of Doom. Being a normally evil person, Dr. Malleo still is evil, and his patients usually end up dead or worst than dead. There was no Dr. Weegee until 2014, as Weegee did not go to Medical School. (Neither did Malleo, but that's besides the point.) In "Dr. Malleo: Medical Showdown!" Dr. Malleo goes against his rival, Dr. Mario.

TheRealMalleo Dr01:13

TheRealMalleo Dr. Malleo

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