Dr. Eegee is one of the most popular doctors in the United 'Gees Galaxy. Almost all Fakegees know this doctor. He
Dr. Eegee

Dr. Eegee, the awesomest doctor.

can heal, and restore, that is why everyone go to him. His power of healing is the reason why he is so popular. He later became Alphaweegee's personal doctor. LriGee thinks that he is the only doctor any Fakegee can believe. He is honest. He is also an Fakegee who can create robots. His secret is he was an assistant of Dr. Scientisteegee, before Scientisteegee joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance. That's where Dr. Eegee learned how to build robots. He joined the League of Weegees because he is in Alphaweegees' army and Alpha is part of the League of Weegees.

This article was created by LriGee.

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