A picture of the Doupeegee brothers.

Toon Doupeegee

Toon Doupeegee brothers

Once, when Weegee accidentally fell into a pit of toxic waste, Doupeegee was created. They look like two identical Weegee Clones, but they could not leave within 15 feet of each other, or they would both die. They both share a house, a room, and had to wake each other up everyday. The Doupeegee on the right (See picture) Is the cook. They also share the same job. They also have two brothers, who are both named Doupalleo.


Cloning: Like Alphaweegee, they can clone any Weegee Clone or Fakegee.

Teleport: They can teleport to their brothers.

Telepathy: They can telepathicly communicate to each other if they stare at each other

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