Deemeenteo is a jesterWeegee and has the ability to go between dimensions. He can also absorb the powers of any being, including Weegee's, which was how Shupa Dimenteegee was formed.

The creation of Shupa Deemeenteo

Deemeenteo was popping from universe to universe when he distorted so much, dimensions that he crack thorugh the time continum and created a paradox which ended up in the United Gees' Universe. The discruption had riped thorugh the Fortran Memorial Estates and started to spread arcross the United Gees Universe. Deemeenteo had crashed at Weegee's Palace and with the power of the Kayos Heart and his power he aborsed Weegee instanly making it Shupa Dimenteegee. He was later defeated by Malleo and exploded but no one knows if he is still alive.

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