Deathgee is an evil Fakegee created by Terrifiregee. He serves Terrifiregee by killing his enemies alongside Grimeegee in Terrifiregee's Domain. He is the father of The Burrower and the grandfather of Jagoull. He was created before Grimeegee and was imbued with the powers of dark magic. Despite having a similar theme to Grimeegee, his powers are vastly different and so is his appearance. He wears a wizard hat as result of his extensive magic training and he also carries a large knife for melee combat.

Deathgee was the first of the kings to be created and is Terrifiregee's favorite. As result, he is also the most powerful of the eight (though ironically not the most feared). His castle is located at the east and is the second biggest of all, the first being Terrifiregee's. He also has a horde of undead soldiers of the most powerful kind, including undead dragons and liches.

How To Summon

Deathgee is one of the few Terrifiregee's Domain kings you can summon. You must first make two blood offers and one spiritual offer. You must then read the 34th chant of the Necronomicon and start a fire upon something of valor (may be a living thing). He will then appear before the summoner. The summoner can make any question to him about the afterlife, though they has to be polite. If Deathgee is not in the mood for it, he will simply kill the summoner or place a curse upon them.


  • Animate Dead: He can bring back the dead and make them his slaves.
  • Soul Touch: Whenever he touches someone, their soul will start to be drained. One must free themselves from his grasp to nullify this effect. It can easily kill the weak.
  • Elemental Warp: He can warp to anywhere in GeeHell. Whenever he does that, he does elemental damage to adjacent foes.
  • Elemental Magic: He can cast any elemental spell he can think of. Tornadoes, fire storms, floods, you name it.
  • Soul Projection: He can project his soul away from his body and possess objects or dead enemies. If he doesn't return to his old body, his possessed body will start becoming like his former self.
  • Bane of the Holy: He can remove blessings from any item his enemy is carrying.
  • Summon Lich: He can summon powerful liches to help him in battle.
  • Upgrade Undead: He can use the souls he collects and "feed" them to his undead minions, making them stronger.