Darkeegee is a Fakegee that radiates darkness. He was created when Lighteegee was brought back to life by Grimeegee, except it was an evil version. In his picture, you can see uneven patches of darkness streaming off him, just like Lighteegee had light streaming off him. He now serves Terrifiregee and generally just is evil.

He is one of the eight kings of the Terrifiregee's Domain and rules over the Northeast. His palace is covered in a cloud of darkness and many wraiths protect it. Despite ruling over the Northeast, Darkegee is rarely at his palace. Most of the times he is lurking at the shadows of the domain, awaiting for souls to wander so he can snatch them. He hates light and will try to extinguish it. He is very evil and does not have the ability of speech.


  • Dark Warp: He can warp to anywhere dark in the domain.
  • Soul Snatch: He can snatch your soul and become more powerful.
  • Blindness Stare: If he stares at you, he will blind you for some time.
  • Non-Material Body: His body is not material and can only be defeated with light or magic.
  • Extinguish Light: He can extinguish light near him. Some forms of light, however, can resist this ability.