Dark Sqeegee

Dark Sqeegee

Dark Sqeegee is the third form of Sqeegee. He is one of the most powerful single Sqeegee form. (Final Sqeegee does not count.) Sqeegee is the most evil when in this form. His attacks are basically various dark attacks, such as throwing shadow balls to summoning lightning. If Dark Sqeegee is damaged badly enough, he will revert back to Sqeegee. If the three Sqeegee forms Sqeegee, Super Sqeegee, and Dark Sqeegee are seperated into three induviduals, they can fuse into Final Sq

Dark Sqeegee 2.0

Collage 2014-08-17 07 40 22

Theminecraftkid1221's Dark Sqeegee Sketch

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