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Dark Malleo

Dark Malleo

Dark Malleo is Malleo's Pure Evil form. He is an incredibly powerful form, even more powerful than Fire Malleo is. He can turn into shadow and vaporize anything by looking at it. Malleo will only become Dark Malleo when absolutely enraged. His power only lasts for exactly 2 minutes, then he will revert back to base form Malleo. (Similar to Dark Weegee). When in this form, Malleo is completely controlled by his rage and cannot stop to think through situations, making him very easy to be outsmarted.
Toon Dark Malleo

Toon Dark Malleo

Powers And Abilities

Dark Laser Blast: Malleo shoots a pitch-black laser out of his eyes that can vaporize anything besides other Dark forms. Infinite Rage: This ability was named by Weegee. It allows Dark Malleo to increase his strength the angrier he gets, an ability all Dark forms stare. Black Hole Madness: If Malleo becomes extraordinarily angry, he can generate enough power to summon a black hole. Shadow Shield: Malleo summons a barrier made out of darkness to block attacks. It can block multiple attacks at once.

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