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"Hay, I'm Daizeh!"

- Daizeh

Daizeh is Weegee's wife and is the mother of Samaweegee, a multimillionaire. She inherited half of Weegee's money when they got married. She is Paesh's best friend. Daizeh likes flowers like Malleo but married Weegee instead although Malleo saved her. Before she met Weegee, she secretly had a child with Chroneegee, named Clockeegee. However, she abandoned Clockeegee 1 year after she gave birth to him, for reasons unknown.


Every time she says her catchphrase, "Hay, I'm Daizeh!", a cat will explode, or someone will become a cat.

She also has a third eye on the back of her head that can shoot lasers.