Weegee's laptop

The Cyber army symbol. The color come from Wiigee and Cybergee's hats

The cyber army was created by Wiigee and Cybergee to help Weegee incase of a cyber attack on the United 'Gees Galaxy.'

NourGodly1592 decided to support the army by cloning Wiigee, Cybergee, Sqeeorgodly1592 and Hackeegee's Clones

Every member of the Cyber Army is also a member of League of Weegees


Wiigee (Commander/Founder)

Cybergee (Commander/Founder)

Hackeegee (New Member/Commander/Traitor)

NourGodly1592 (New member/Supporter)



1,000 Wiigee clones

1,500 Cybergee Clones

500 Sqeeorgodly1592

150 Hackeegee Clones

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