Ultimate Cybertron65


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Cyber Tron65


Cybertron65 was born into a family who had vison problems which can explain why i have no puples. The lack of vison and no friends made my life a complete hell back then till Ze Medic helped me out with his Uber and saved me from depression. He has a lot of friends now and his life is great :D
180px-Weegee (1)

My Creepy Form

Forms Of Cyber

1.Lavender Mode: If he eats Over 9000 Burgers ill turn into Lavender mode.

2. Toon mode: If he eats 1000 Toon coins ill turn into this mode.

3.Ultimate Mode: If he eats a lot of pizza's without stopping he'll turn into this mode.
180px-Toon Weegee

Toon CyberTron65

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