"Push A to Poor."

Crengalon is a cousin of Fortran and Ragamiicho. He has four other cousins as well, and they are:
Solid Crengalon


He fought in the Fakegee War and has fingers with spike hands and uses then as rockets. He can uses his palms to cause explosions. When he says "Push to a Poor", money will be thrown, but the money explodes, leaving the victim dead. His step-brothers are Hagrad and Vakulit, his rival is Nolagnerc, and his biological brother is Irkonoko. His son is Baladadoes.
Toon CrengalonAlt

Alternate Toon Crengalon

Toon Crengalon

Toon Crengalon.


Yet another version of Toon Crengalon.

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