Corruptwheeo II

Corruptwheeo with advanced Cyborg Tech

Dr. Scientisteegee found a piece of Corruptwheeo's DNA in Space and then took it and recreated Corruptwheeo. Dr. Scientisteegee wanted him to be stronger in combat so Dr Scientisteegee installed Cyborg and Advanced Technology inside him. Then Corruptwheeo II was born. Weegee knows nothing about Corruptwheeo II for now. Corruptwheeo hopes he will never know for as long as he lives.

Now Corruptwheeo II only has one purpose which is to Obey Corruptwheeo II and destroy LEEGEE!

When Corruptwheeo II found out the Leegee had a brother named Marioxs he had to make is own brother. 

He named him Corrupteegee.He is part of the Fakegee Confederacy.

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