Every page on Weegeepedia must be related to Weegee in some way. Pages that are not related in at least 3 of the following ways will be discussed about and may be deleted. Some pages may be deleted immediately if it has nothing to do with Weegee (especially if other rules are broken alongside this). All articles must have good grammar, as said in the Grammar Policy.


Characters must have some sort of relatability to Weegee. These may include:

  • Having a business or company that works in/trades with the United 'Gees Galaxy.
  • Being a member of a species that is native to the United 'Gees Galaxy (counts as 3)

NOTE: Do not make up new species for your character, unless you plan on making multiple (more than 2 or 3) characters of this new species.

  • Starting a war, or planning on starting a war with the United 'Gees Galaxy or other members of the Trolliverse that are also related to Weegee.
  • Being in a close or personal relationship with another Weegee related character
  • Being an ally or enemy of Weegee or anyone of a high position in the United 'Gees Galaxy, depending on page content (EX: Don't just say your character's an enemy of Weegee because Weegee doesn't like it, the reason must be big and/or important).
  • Being a Weegee God or a powerful being of the Trolliverse (must have admin permission)
  • Have important duties in the Trolliverse or a certain cluster


objects, vehicles, devices etc.,

  • Must be used by Weegee or a character that is related to Weegee (see above)
  • Must have some important purpose in proportion to who/whatever is using it
  • Like characters, they cannot be OP without permission.
  • Please don't add things such as computers or "robotic attachments" unless it's some sort of super-computer or widely used attachment


Planets, clusters, certain buildings, cities, etc,.

  • Must either be in the Trolliverse, or be at/near a place where a character lives
  • Must serve some sort of significance (EX: Trading, habitable planet, army base, etc)
  • Must be of reasonable size and have reasonable logic tied to it. Galaxies have uninhabitable zones, no character or species (or multi-species) can make the entire cluster habitable without millions of years or work. And buildings cannot tower to the moon, they would fall over.
  • Please refer to Category:Buildings for more info


  • Images must be of okay quality.
  • It is recommended the backgrounds be transparent
  • Images must look like they have been worked on. Minimalist edits and designs will not be accepted.
  • Images can and will be removed if they do not follow rules and standards. Images may also be removed upon author request, or because of copyright violations (that the copyright holder responds to).

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