"I feel crushed at the fact millions of people were killed due to my wishings of the United 'Gees Galaxy's government. But I will settle with dictatorship of Chinagee."

- Communistgee


Communistgee is a Chinesegee, a species of Fakegees. He lives and is the current dictator of the universe Chinagee, a universe somewhere near the Trolliverse. Communistgee was a very ambitious Chinesegee, for he wanted the United 'Gees Galaxy's economy to be communist. He gave a long and boring speech about the idea and ended up getting booed at. Discouraged, Communistgee moved back to Chinagee. He lived there for the next 5 years and then decided to try again. This time, Communistgee gathered a bunch of other Chinesegees to try to overthrow the UGU government and replace it with communism. He even got the Chinagee government involved. Eventually, Chinagee and the United 'Gees Galaxy went to war. It was called the Sunday Revolution. Chinagee had a very strong military, consisting mostly of high tech battle robots with lasers. However, they were no match for Weegee's Army. In the war, the dictator of Chinagee was assasinated and Communistgee, with his reputation, was elected the next leader.

Chinagee was already a communist government but Comunistgee is now cooking up a plan for revenge. Conspiracy theorists think what he said about being crushed was a lie.